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Connecting with Other Boaters in Your Region

Sep 18, 2019

In an economy where real estate prices are skyrocketing, living on a boat has become a viable option for people who don’t want to break the bank. The comparatively low costs of buying a boat and docking fees are just two of the factors that make this such an enticing alternative. But living on a boat comes with challenges. However, one thing that can substantially help cruisers and regular travelers survive on water is having a tight-knit community. So if your life all abou... read more

Safety Tips While Jet Skiing

Sep 17, 2019

Probably nothing in the world sounds cooler than a person riding the waves on a jet ski, their hair trailing behind in the wind, water whooshing around in a salty spray left in their wake. In reality, though, while jet skiing might be as exciting as it seems on screen, it also needs you to be more careful. How do I have fun but stay safe on my jet ski? A jet ski is a powerful and expensive vessel. Improper usage could lead to accidents and mishaps that nobody wants. You’ll not only be p... read more

Co-Ownership: An Affordable Way to Own Your Own Boat

Sep 16, 2019

Owning a boat is a lifelong dream of many people; one that’s unfortunately not actualized as often as people would hope. People wait until they have enough saved up to make a down payment on their dream boat, or wait until they hit retirement and no longer have to pay for other responsibilities. It’s not about a one-time purchase either; boat ownership is a long-term cost. Once you acquire the boat, you have to pay for maintenance, upkeep, storage, docking, fuel, licensing and so mu... read more

Combating Sea Sickness When You’re Out on Your Boat or PWC

Sep 17, 2019

You can love the water all you like, but if you’re prone to motion or sea sickness, you’re likely to experience it. Sea sickness is caused by a sense of confusion in your senses; simply put, when your senses feel overwhelmed, your brain can’t process all the mixed signals being hurled at it. On a boat or jet ski, your body is experiencing a range of sights, sounds, smells and tactile sensations such as wind, sunshine, motion and riding the waves up and down. It’s a fai... read more

Sunburn Aftercare: A Guide

Sep 12, 2019

So you’ve taken our online boater safety courses, you’re all geared up for your excursion on the water, ready to take the sea by storm and off you go! However, in all your excitement and being caught up in having fun on your boat or jet ski, you forgot to apply or reapply sunblock. And now you’re turning into a tomato, your skin itches and feels sensitive, and everything hurts. What causes sunburn? I wore sunblock and/or sunscreen. Sunburn occurs due to prolonged exposure to... read more

Anchoring Yourself in the World of Boating

Sep 04, 2019

Boating is an exciting world to venture–or float—into. Whether you own or rent a boat, there are a few basics to cover when you’re starting out. It’s tricky navigating a water vessel, no matter what kind it is. This is why at Boater’s Academy, we offer boater safety courses and jet ski safety courses online. What are things any boating beginner should know? It’s important to understand the technicalities of boating, as well as learning from the experien... read more

What Toto Expect From Boating Training Courses

Oct 19, 2022

The majority of states require boaters to complete boat training and safety courses and become certified before applying for a boating license and a boater card. The purpose of the boating training courses is to ensure that everyone operating a boat in the US has the knowledge and expertise to navigate waterways on their boat safely without harming themselves or others. Until 2018, California was one of the 5 states that didn’t require that boaters have licenses before taking their boat ... read more

Safe Boating Tips You Should Know

Aug 05, 2019

Thinking of taking your boat out into the sea this summer? A boating trip can go terribly wrong in a matter of minutes. As a boater you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Here are some safe boating tips you should know: Check the Weather Before you head out into the ocean, you have to check the weather forecast. Your experience in sea is directly dependant on the weather so it’s crucial that you check the forecast before you go off... read more

Live On a Boat without Going Broke With These Tips

Aug 01, 2019

As modern boats become more livable year after year, more people are choosing to leave everything they have and live on their boats. The idea of not being tied to a job or a house in the city attracts many adventure-loving individuals around the world. But living on a boat is very expensive; unless you have access to unlimited finances, you’ll need some help with budgeting. Here are some tips on living on a boat without going broke: Get Some Practice Boats aren’t cheap. If you&rs... read more

The Requirements of Getting a Boating License in the US

Jul 31, 2019

Before we get to the paperwork that’s required before you acquire a boating license, let’s make one detail clear; boating licenses differ from state to state. In some states, an official boating safety education certification is referred to as a boating license; these licenses don’t have to be renewed—ever. However, in other states, your age, the type of boat you operate and other factors go into determining whether you should get a license. Some states don’t eve... read more

Boat Registration VS Documentation

Jul 23, 2019

In the US, recreational boat owners have to register their boats with local governing bodies; certain types of boats will also have to be documented. The processes involved in boat registration and documentation can often be confusing. To someone who is new to boating, boat registration and documentation may seem like the same thing—they aren’t. Documentation of Vessels Documenting of boats was initiated by the federal government to manage commercial shipping and the taxes they a... read more

Should I Get Boat Insurance?

Jul 22, 2019

If you’re under the impression that your home insurance covers your boat too, you’re wrong. There are homeowner’s policies that do cover small boats with either no engine or a very small engine. But if you want to buy a bigger boat that costs $10,000 or above, your home insurance policy will not cover it. Even if you’re living on your boat, it won’t be covered by home insurance. When it comes to insurance policies, your boat is treated like a car. It can be taken a... read more

California Boater Card – Everything You Need to Know

Aug 01, 2019

According to California law, all boaters should have a California Boater Card, which is a vessel operator card while using a recreational vessel in its waterways. Motorized vessel operator cards are mandatory in most states but until 2018, California was one of the five states that didn’t require a certification or even a boating license. Planning a boating trip in California’s waterways? You need to get a California Boater Card. The New California Boating Law – For Recrea... read more

How To Call For Help in a Boat Emergency

Jul 18, 2019

Accidents happen in the sea all the time. Being surrounded by ocean water is dangerous; high tides can make it difficult to control the boat, they can push people overboard and even cause engine problems leaving it completely powerless. Being able to call for help during unforeseen circumstances can make the difference between life and death. If you’re going into open waters on a boat, it’s important that you know how to call for help in case of emergencies. Here are some ways you... read more

Personal Flotation Devices—the Dos and Don’ts

Jul 13, 2019

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are like seat belts for boats. The US Coast Guard advises that all boat owners have PFDs onboard and that everyone on the boat should have one on. But there’s a lot more to PFDs than just buoyancy. Ensuring you’re more informed can make a world of a difference, and may even save you in a life and death situation. The Dos Always have one on Not wearing your PFD at all times on a boat can have dire consequences if something unexpected were to happ... read more

Taking Your Child on a PWC? Here’s What To Remember

Jul 12, 2019

Are you a fan of high-speed thrills? If yes, then personal watercrafts (PWCs) are made for you! They’re quick, close to the water, and allow you to do a number of tricks. And with two types to choose from—ones where you stand and others where you sit—you can opt for individual fun or double it by adding another person. If you’re looking to give your children amazing, exhilarating memories this summer, taking them for a ride on a PWC is a great option! Most children are i... read more

Everything Boating Beginners Need To Know

Jul 11, 2019

So you finally bought that boat you’ve been eyeing for years. And now that you have your dream boat, you’ll want to take it out for a spin. Boating offers so many opportunities to have fun, whether you want to fish or engage in water sports. Whatever you choose to do, there are some basics that every boating beginner needs to know before they dive in and take the wheel. Know the ropes Just like you can’t hop into a car and start whizzing around town the first time you drive ... read more

Beat The Heat—7 Summer Boating Tips

Jul 10, 2019

As the hottest days of summer roll around, with temperatures soaring to an all-time high, you’ll be looking for ways to stay cool.  Trips to the beach are fun, but beating the heat on a boat ride with your friends and family has many more charms to offer. Whether you’re fishing, taking a nap, or reading a book, there are plenty of ways to stay cool and safe on your next boating trip in the summers. Here’s what you can try: Stay hydrated Being in, or near, the water is ... read more

The Ultimate Boat Party Checklist

Jul 09, 2019

Are you in the mood to switch things up this time you throw a birthday or a New Year’s party? Getting tired of the usual celebrations at the hottest new club? The next time you plan a party, double the fun by taking it off land entirely! If you own a boat, or usually rent one, it can serve as the perfect location for your next big bash. The checklist below will make sure you throw the ultimate boat party: Have the pre-requisites Before you can even begin to plan the specifics of your pa... read more

6 Things To Do To Stay Entertained On A Boat

Jul 08, 2019

When you need a break from your hectic daily schedule, going for a boat trip is the perfect escape. This mini vacation is the perfect getaway to take you off the shore and to the excitement of the sea. When you’re keeping your safety in mind—something we can help you with—there’s a lot of fun and adventure to keep you entertained. Fishing This may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word “fun”, but you can make fishing competitive and... read more

Why It’s Important To Take A Boat Safety Course

Jul 05, 2019

With 11.96 million registered recreational boating vessels in the United States, it’s clear that boating is a popular leisure activity for many people in the country. Boats can be used to host parties, go for a trip with friends and family, or just to relax and unwind. While recreational boating is a great way to entertain yourself and your loved ones, it can be detrimental if you don’t take the right precautions. There were 4,291 recreational boating accidents in 2017 a... read more

Don’t Just Dress To Impress While Boating

Jul 04, 2019

Boat rides are what you want them to be; whether that involves sitting on the deck with a drink in your hand, watching the waves while you listen to some music or spending your time fishing and enjoying a good book is up to you. While boats are great to have parties on or to spend some time with your loved ones, how you dress is closely tied to how much fun you have. Choosing the right attire is an important step in the journey before you even get on the boat; you don’t just want to pic... read more

What to Consider Before Buying a Bowrider

Jun 28, 2019

Official statistics show that around 95 percent of all Americans are living close to a navigable water body. This means that if you’re looking to unwind from the daily stresses of life, it’s a good idea for you to head out to your nearest lake, river or beach and appreciate a mini-vacation. To truly enjoy your time near a waterbody you’re going to want to go in the water. And what’s a better way to do that than with a bowrider? Bowriders are versatile vessels that ... read more

Celebrity Sailors Who Love Boating

Jun 27, 2019

We’ve all seen celebrity fans sitting front row at a soccer or basketball game, rooting for their favorite team. Now it’s time to feast our eyes at some of our favorite celebrities enjoying one of our favorite activities: boating. Boating is an incredibly fun activity that gives you the peace of mind any other sporting activity may not be able to compare to. With how busy celebrity lives are, it’s no wonder our beloved on-screen personalities love taking a trip across the wate... read more

Family First: What Type of Boat is Best for Your Next Family Outing?

Jun 26, 2019

Whether you’re a boating buff who knows all the latest designs and models or a beginner who doesn’t know of any boats apart from the Titanic, know that there’s a boat out there for everyone. When you’re heading out on a family trip you want to make sure the vessel you’ve got not only accommodates everyone but also rides smoothly into the sunset. Here are some of our top recommended boats for your next family outing. 1. Bowrider Bowriders are the quintessenti... read more

Setting the Record Straight: 5 Boating Myths Dispelled

Jun 25, 2019

From mythical creatures living underwater to sharks attacking boats in deep sea, there have been plenty of laughable myths in the boating world. We have many students ask us questions about boat handling, maintenance and user safety that have little grounding in the real world. So, today we thought it would be best we compiled all of your questions and set the record straight once and for all. Here are some of the most common boating myths we’re dispelling today! 1. Stainl... read more

How to Care of Your Watercraft

Jun 24, 2019

So, you’re thinking of owning a boat? Well, that’s one exciting move. We’re guessing you’re probably thinking of all those fun water-soaked adventures in the sun and we’re happy to see your enthusiasm, but here’s a heads up; you’re only going to enjoy being a boat owner if you’re a responsible one. Your boat will perform best if you take good care of it. To avoid getting stuck at the repair shop every 15 days, let us help you with some key boat ma... read more

Jet Ski Fun: 7 Tips for First Time Riders

Jun 22, 2019

If you truly want to enjoy a fun filled day on the waters, you’ve got to ensure your safety. Lots of newbie jet ski riders either stress out too much or remain ignorant about water safety tips. Our very first advice to you will be to make sure you’ve completed your jet ski boating safety course. You can do that easily with us at Boater’s Academy. We provide online classes to help you get your boating license. All our courses are US Coast Guard and NASBLA appro... read more

Do You Need a Boater’s License?

Jun 24, 2019

Whether you’re on a recreational boating trip or are heading out with a team of oceanographers for a complicated research task—you’ll need a boating license before you set foot in the cabin. Lots of people think that steering a boat is similar to driving a car but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To start off, you’re traveling on water, not concrete. Boating education will not only help you learn how to drive in a smooth fashion but it will also protect y... read more