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Safety Tips While Jet Skiing

Sep 17, 2019

Probably nothing in the world sounds cooler than a person riding the waves on a jet ski, their hair trailing behind in the wind, water whooshing around in a salty spray left in their wake. In reality, though, while jet skiing might be as exciting as it seems on screen, it also needs you to be more careful. How do I have fun but stay safe on my jet ski? A jet ski is a powerful and expensive vessel. Improper usage could lead to accidents and mishaps that nobody wants. You’ll not only be p... read more

Combating Sea Sickness When You’re Out on Your Boat or PWC

Sep 17, 2019

You can love the water all you like, but if you’re prone to motion or sea sickness, you’re likely to experience it. Sea sickness is caused by a sense of confusion in your senses; simply put, when your senses feel overwhelmed, your brain can’t process all the mixed signals being hurled at it. On a boat or jet ski, your body is experiencing a range of sights, sounds, smells and tactile sensations such as wind, sunshine, motion and riding the waves up and down. It’s a fai... read more

Taking Your Child on a PWC? Here’s What To Remember

Jul 12, 2019

Are you a fan of high-speed thrills? If yes, then personal watercrafts (PWCs) are made for you! They’re quick, close to the water, and allow you to do a number of tricks. And with two types to choose from—ones where you stand and others where you sit—you can opt for individual fun or double it by adding another person. If you’re looking to give your children amazing, exhilarating memories this summer, taking them for a ride on a PWC is a great option! Most children are i... read more