Chapter 5: Navigation Rules

Navigation Rules

Now to cover some of the basic navigation rules that are in place to keep all boaters safe on the water. Some of the broadest and most applicable concepts will be covered, but be aware that there are additional navigational rules which won't be covered here.

There are special rules for different types of waterways and some that apply depending on the boat one's operating. For example, commercial vessels have special navigational rules which must be adhered to.

For a complete listing of the navigation rules, refer to "Navigation Rules," published by the U.S. Coast Guard.

For state-specific navigation requirements, refer to the state laws where one intends to boat.

Remember, it is the operator's responsibility to know of any special rules that apply to the local they're boating in.

Navigation Rules

The navigation rules contained in this course summarize basic navigation rules for which a boat operator is responsible for on inland waterways. Additional and more in-depth rules apply regarding various types of waterways, such as International Waters and Western Rivers, and operation in relation to commercial vessels and other watercraft.