Chapter 2: Boating Safety

Navigation Lights

Being able to see other boats, and ensuring that your boat is visible to others, are integral to safe boating. Therefore, every boat should come with a set of navigation lights.

Whenever operating a boat at night, during times of limited visibility, or during any severe weather one needs to display the correct navigation lights to telegraph the vessel's position to other boats on the water.

Boat Navigation Lights

In most cases, one will have a pair of sidelights, a red light on the port side and a green light on the starboard side. Other than that, the specifics for which navigation lights to display are reliant on other factors such as the vessel length, the boating location (inland or international waters), whether the vessel is equipped with an engine or not, and whether the vessel is at anchor.

One must have the proper navigation lighting even for a recently purchased boat. Be familiar with the rules and regulations regarding navigation lights before embarking, and make sure the boat meets those standards.