Chapter 7: Water Cleanliness and Small Vessels

Personal Watercraft Fuel and The Rule of Thirds

Fuel Gauage

Always keep an eye on the fuel gauge, when operating a PWC. If the PWC runs out of fuel, while out on the water, it will be cumbersome to get back to shore since there's usually not enough room to carry a set of oars to help row back. Instead, PWCs have a reserve fuel tank which holds a gallon of fuel.

This reserve tank serves as a perfect indication of when one should head back to the shore. Although one should head back before using reserves. If operating on the reserve tank one should already be heading back to shore.

A good rule to follow, when operating a PWC, is to use 1/3 of the fuel to operate, 1/3 to get back to shore and to save 1/3 as a fuel reserve to be used in case of an emergency.