Chapter 7: Water Cleanliness and Small Vessels

Personal Watercraft: Safety Lanyard

In order to start a PWC, one will need to use the lanyard attached to the start/stop switch. The lanyard must be attached to both the switch and wrist or lifejacket. These fast vessels make sharp turns and accelerate quickly. So operators often fall from them. This is where the lanyard comes into play.

Whenever one falls from a PWC, the lanyard will be pulled from the start/stop switch, since it is also attached to the lifejacket or wrist. The PWC's engine will stop when the lanyard is removed. So, the PWC won't become an unmanned, runaway vessel. This also ensures that the PWC won't travel very far from the spot where one fell, and one can swim back to it easily.

Personal Watercraft Safety Lanyard