Chapter 8: Operator Responsibility

Propeller Safety

Boat engine propellers are a major hazard to anyone who ventures too close to a boat. Each year, hundreds of Americans are injured by propeller blades, and in some cases these accidents are fatal. Propellers are particularly dangerous because they are hidden below the waterline. Propellers are difficult to see when submerged, so people need to be cautious whenever they are near the rear of a boat or on the swim platform.

Propeller Safety

Stay aware and away from the propeller and have any passengers do the same.

Boat Propeller

For the safety of others, it is advised that turns off the engine whenever a person, in the water, is near your vessel. If one is in the water near a vessel, never approach it from its stern side. As a passenger, avoid sitting on the transom of the vessel. In the case of a fall overboard, it is best to not drop into the water near the propeller.

Consider investing in propeller guards, lanyard cut-off switches, and person overboard cut-off switches for additional safety.