Chapter 4: Emergency Preparation

Running Aground

Another frequent danger to boaters is the threat of running aground. The best advice is to be a cautious boater and avoid any rocks, sandbars or other hazards which will run one aground, endanger one or damage one's vessel.

Running Aground

Take time to review a nautical chart when boating in unfamiliar waters. Try and speak with any local boaters or marinas about the hazards inherent to the local area. If using a depth finder, set a shallow alarm. This will alert the operator if moving towards water that is dangerously shallow for the boat. Do not fully rely on a depth finder. Stay alert and keep an eye out for hazards, even when using one.

Always be vigilant and keep a constant lookout for hazards when boating. Negligence can cause an accident even on a clear, calm day. Look for any buoys or markers that warn of shallow water and try to locate any shoals or sandbars that will run one aground. These can be hard to spot. So, stay alert.

Finally, keep to a safe speed at all times. If traveling too quickly it will be more difficult to react to any hazard which presents itself, even if one is able to spot it in time.