Chapter 7: Water Cleanliness and Small Vessels

Safe Operation of Personal Watercraft

PWCs are fast moving, sharp turning vessels which are a joy to ride. Unfortunately, for these reasons, PWCs can easily end up in an accident. Following a few safety guidelines can greatly minimize the chances of ending up in an accident.

First of all, remember PWCs may be difficult for other boaters to spot. This is because they ride low in the water. When operating a PWC, keep in mind that it may not be easy for other vessels to spot the PWC.

Safe Operation Tips:

Always keep seats available for the operator, observer, and the person being towed on a PWC.

Safe Operation of Personal Watercraft

Keep a safe distance from other boats on the water and never linger in blind spots. Because other PWC may also change their course quickly, make sudden sharp turns, and accelerate quickly, give more space than one would other vessels. One needs to have ample time to react and avoid another PWC movement. Because of a PWC's power and speed one needs to be courteous to other boaters and make sure to keep their safety in mind.

Always look around before making a turn. Make sure one has a full understanding of one’s surroundings before attempting a turn. Never cut off another boater.

Be mindful of the powerful stream of water which propels the PWC. That jet of water coming from the stern of the vessel can annoy, distract, or even harm other boaters or swimmers. Try to ensure that it doesn't spray on other boaters, swimmers, or one's own passengers who may have fallen off the back.

PWC Engines:

The loud engine of a PWC has given it a bit of a bad reputation. Try to be respectful of others while operating a PWC, slow down when around other boaters or close to the shore to reduce noise and increase the ability to react to any safety hazards. A PWC doesn't need to be any more dangerous or noisy than any other watercraft if the operator is courteous and respectful.

Finally, one will need to keep a B-I fire extinguisher on board. Most PWCs have a storage compartment designed to keep it secure and readily available.