Chapter 5: Navigation Rules

Safety Near Commercial Vessels

Here are some general guidelines to follow whenever operating near large vessels. Remember that smaller vessel is not as easily seen by larger vessels, especially commercial vessels. Larger vessels take much more time and space to make any evasive maneuvers. So always be ready to yield and give way.

In an area with high traffic or near larger commercial vessels, it is safest to try and travel with other smaller vessels. Staying in a group will make it easier for these larger vessels to see the group.

While operating, steer clear of any ferries or boats that are being towed. Hearing a single prolonged blast means that a ferry is about to depart. So stay alert and vigilant.

Be aware that any vessel towing another vessel or barge presents additional hazards to boaters veering too close. For example, the towing cable may be submerged and difficult to see and one never wants to cross between a tugboat and its tow.

Safety Near Commercial Vessels