Chapter 5: Navigation Rules

Safety Within Narrow Channels

If operating a boat through a narrow channel take the following precautions to remain safe: 

  • When first approaching a narrow channel always keep to the starboard side.
  • Whenever near another vessel always let them know the intention to keep starboard and pass on the port side. Remember, a single short blast is the sound signal for port-to-port.
  • Keep as close to the shoreline or side of the channel. Give other boats as much room as possible to navigate.
  • Always steer clear and avoid any larger boats navigating the same narrow channel. Give them ample room to maneuver.
  • Sailing vessels and boats under 65 feet (20 meters) should never block the passage of a larger vessel. By giving little to no room to navigate, one is increasing the chance of a collision.
Safety Within Narrow Channels

Never anchor in a narrow channel or beneath a bridge. This is not only an important safety tip, but it must also be done in compliance with Homeland Security measures.