Chapter 2: Boating Safety

When to Wear Your PFD

The best practice is to wear a PFD at all times when out on the water, even if one is only a passenger, on a boat.

Failing that, PFDs should absolutely be worn in any hazardous or dangerous boating conditions. Storms and high winds can create choppy waves, so PFDs should be worn when operating a boat in severe weather. Any area with heavy boat traffic also presents safety concerns, as does operating a boat at night or in a situation where there is low visibility. Finally, when operating a boat at high speeds, it is best to keep one's PFD on at all times to ensure safety.

A dangerous situation can arise quickly, and a PFD is of no use if it's tucked away. During an emergency, you may not have time to put your PFD on, and they are difficult to put on while floating in the water and in a panic.

Type I: Offshore Life Jacket

Bring along the right PFD, for the waters one will be boating on, and remember that a PFD is most effective when worn at all times.