Chapter 7: Water Cleanliness and Small Vessels

Personal Watercraft: Reboarding

Reboarding a Personal Watercraft

PWCs are actually designed to turn over, so they are easily turned back upright. Even so, there is a proper and improper way to right a PWC after falling from a PWC, one will have to right it before boarding it again if it has turned over.

Check the PWC for a decal which indicates the correct direction to turn it back upright. If the PWC does not come with a decal, then check the owner's manual. Turning the PWC upright the wrong way may damage the vessel.

Once the PWC is turned back upright, it's time to board it. Practice boarding the PWC on calm waters until one gets the hang of it and is prepared and comfortable.

Reboarding a PWC, after turning it back upright, can be a difficult process. Follow these steps to ease the process of boarding a PWC.

Begin by approaching the PWC from the correct direction, as indicated by the decal or owner's manual. Then, pull one's self up and kneel on the boarding platform and slide onto the seat. Finally, in order to start the engine again, attach the lanyard to wrist and lifejacket.

Reboarding a Personal Watercraft (PWC)