Chapter 6: Navigation Aids

Safe Anchoring Tips

Follow these tips to safely and effectively use the tackle.

When anchoring, always remember the water current and wind will move the boat around an anchor. Since the boat will turn around that location, make sure to drop anchor in a spot which allows one to move freely and rotate a full 360 degrees around the anchor.

Safe Anchoring Tips

Additionally, the rode should be between 7 to 10 times the depth of water it is anchoring in.

Chain + Line = Rode

Remember that the boat will naturally drift downward once the anchor is set. So choose to drop anchor in a spot upwind of where one wants to end up. Make sure the rode is ready before releasing the anchor so it can smoothly descend to the bottom. Always ensure the rode is not wrapped around anything or tangled around one's feet.

Never drop anchor from the stern, the additional weight can swamp the boat. Always drop anchor from the bow, slowly and steadily.

After releasing the anchor and hitting the bottom, and one is sure it has enough additional rode to allow it to move a bit, give the rode a tug to set the anchor in place. Then, secure the rode to a bow cleat.