Chapter 1: The Basics of Your Boat

Types of Boat Engines

Engines can also be broken up into different categories. Let's examine each of the three types of engines used to propel powered boats.


Boat Inboard Engine

These engines are found inside the hull of the boat. They propel the boat forward and steering is achieved by use of a rudder or rudders. Rudders are positioned behind the propeller and maneuvered by using the steering wheel.


Boat Outboard Engine

These engines are mounted on the transom. They are used to both propel and steer the boat. With an outboard engine, the boat is steered by moving the entire engine. This is accomplished by either turning a handle attached to the engine itself or by using a steering wheel, which changes the direction of the engine.

Stern Drive:

Boat Stern Drive

These engines are a sort of hybrid, often referred to as inboard/outboard. The engine is affixed just ahead of the transom, while the drive unit (which is used to steer) is found outside of the hull and is manipulated using a steering wheel.

Remember, the boat's outboard engine does not factor into measuring its length to determine class!