Chapter 3: Launching and Operation

Staying Safe in Foul Weather

If one hears that foul weather is approaching, take the following steps to ensure safety and the safety of passengers:

  • Ensure that everyone is wearing a properly secured personal flotation device.
  • Have all passengers stay low in the boat and near the centerline. This improves stability.
  • Secure all loose items and equipment.
  • Lower speed and proceed cautiously. Be mindful of any hazards in the area.
  • Close all hatches and ports to avoid taking on water and swamping.
  • Pump out the bilges so the boat can float higher in the water.
  • Check marine charts and head for the nearest shelter, navigating with caution.

If a storm hits the vessel here are some emergency tips to handle the situation, First, unplug all electrical equipment in the case of a lightning storm. Additionally, stay low and avoid metal. While navigating to the shore, try to head the bow into waves at a 45-degree angle to improve the boat's stability. If the engine stops, drop an anchor from the bow to avoid drifting. Never drop an anchor from the stern.

Staying Safe in Foul Weather